Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Great Sail, Part 2

After lunch, we decided to motor the short distance to the West End mooring basin. It's a boring video, but my battery ran out before I could get anything better. I'm standing on deck, hanging on to the mast. The Astoria-Megler bridge is in the distance. It spans the Columbia River, which is about 4 miles across here. Astoria is on the left, Washington on the right. It was a gorgeous day, with no ship traffic (Saturday).

The camera is my little Fuji FinePix. I'm new to uploading to YouTube, so this is an experiment...

A Great Sail

We had a great sail today. Left about 10:30 Saturday morning, and motored upriver, around tongue point, and into Mott Bay (X marks the spot).

This is the approach around Mott Island, toward Lois Island. We maneuvered around many fishing boats to arrive at this calm and private area.
I think this is an osprey.

By the time Chris and youngest son Kyle decided to take a dip in the cool (but not terribly cold) water, the sun had come out.

Kyle sunning himself on deck after swimming many laps around the boat.

By the afternoon, the wind had picked up. We reefed the main, and sailed (carefully) through all the fishing boats. Then we tucked into the East end basin, docked, and lunched at the Rogue Public House in Astoria ~ Pier 39.