Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Astoria Regatta weekend sail

We took Deanna's sister and nephew (Debbie and Dylan) sailing, Sunday the 16th. The day started out cool, cloudy, and breezeless. But by the time the afternoon rolled around, the clouds burned off and the sun came out. As did the wind. And the waves. Dylan did a great job tailing the sheets and keeping an eye on ship traffic via the laptop navigation program (thanks!).

The Astoria Regatta was this weekend, so there were many boats out on the river ~ sailboats, fishing boats, and a few ships and barges. We motored, then sailed upriver to avoid most of the traffic. It was an exciting sail, and "Footloose" performed really well with a reefed genoa and main (the jib needs a little work, or we would have used that sail). 7 knots over the ground, I think.

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cory josue said...

Wow.. you seem like you two are living the good life, well, its nice to know that. My Dad is a seafarer too and he trained in the Philippines for a long time; he's been in the industry for almost a decade and I don't think he has plans of stopping yet. But I always tell him that its for him to retire since we're all graduates already. But I guess the lure of the sea never seems to wail off him.